Required Documents for Hajj

  1. Passport Valid for at least 6 months with 6 blank pages, (Hand written passports are not accepted anymore. Ignore this message if you have a U.S passport.)
  2. Copy of Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) Color Copy.
  3. If applicable: H1B, H­3, H­4, L­1, F­1, J­1, M­1 and R­1 VISA Two(2) Color copies. (Must be valid for at least six months)
  4. Four [4] passport size photographs (with white background and applicants name on the back of each photo).
  5. Vaccination record for Meningitis is required (Must be valid up to 3 years). It is not required for children under 12 years.
  6. Copy of Marriage certificate for couples.
  7. Copy of Birth Certificate for children. (6 & 7 are required if last name on the passport is different).
  8. Return Shipping FedEx label. (Return shipping label for proper return of documents from Mina Hajj & Umrah)
  9. New Muslim who have not changed their names on their passport are required to submit a statement in writing from their local Islamic center validating conversion.
  10. Please send us a FedEx return label/airway bill with valid credit card information as well as your mailing address so we can securely return your processed documents to you. (Only for travelers outside of Minneapolis)
  11. If you live in Minneapolis, MN, you can personally drop off your documents at our office. 3355 Hiawatha Ave S Suite# 201 Minneapolis, MN 55406
  12. If you live outside of Minneapolis, MN we would greatly appreciate if you can send it to us through FedEx AFTERNOON DELIVERY

If you have any more question, Call Brother Abdullahi Haji at 612-990-8200